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71bcc0c2 c069 48b7 bfdb 1487aca0f655On February 27, 2020, the students of our 11th and 12th grades went to see a performance presented by the cast of Vienna’s English theatre in Völkermarkt. Everyone enjoyed this year’s play called Pretty Shrewd, a modern adaption of William Shakespeare’s comedy Taming of the Shrew (an early comedy written around 1502).

The funny play is about four young people and is set in Pete’s Café, which the protagonist runs together with his sister Bianca. Pete and his best friend Luke are two amateur musicians whose dream is to win a folk competition. Yet, when he finds out that Luke and Bianca are in love and have been seeing each other secretly for some time, he angrily breaks with them. Bianca’s friend Kate, a self-confident young woman, wants to convince Pete that Bianca and Luke have every right to be in love without his permission. In addition to that, she teaches him an important lesson.

The four actors really did an amazing job portraying their roles. Apart from their excellent acting skills, each one of them turned out to have splendid singing voices and musical talent. In summary it can be said that the performance in general was truly outstanding and that it, once again, was a wonderful theatre experience.

Johanna Müller, 8B

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