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Living abroad for a week

After a never ending discussion we decided to spend our language trip in Dublin. After four hours of travelling by bus, we finally arrived in Bratislava, where we got on the plane. Both, the bus ride and the flight were completely unproblematic and the fact that everybody managed to bring their passports made the check-in process stress free.
As soon as we arrived in Dublin, our host families were ready to bring us to our “new home” for the next few days. We were warmly welcomed and then we had time to explore the house. We actually did not really get to spend a great deal of time with our host family because we were always out and busy with school and other activities. However, every evening we would have dinner together with them. Luckily, our host mum cooked very well and thus, we gained a few pounds.
We attended four sessions at Malvern House, our language school in Dublin. The lessons were actually quite fun since we played many games and got the chance to talk a lot. We only encountered problems on the first day. Classes did not start on time since some of us had difficulties locating the place. Eventually, with a bit of a delay, everyone successfully found the address and their correct classes.
In our free time we explored the charming city. On our first day it took us about two hours to get back home. We got totally lost in Dublin. After asking a few (about 10) people for help, we finally managed to reach our house. This was funny and scary at the same time. Other afternoons we hung out at Hard Rock Café and Starbucks, went shopping or played laser tag. The whole week was sooo much fun!
There were a couple of activities that could have been organized better, like our trip to Belfast. But all in all, everything was really interesting! We visited two museums, also the Guinness-Storehouse, the library of the Trinity College, Belfast and on our last day we went to a very beautiful coast where we could take gorgeous pictures of the sea side and seals as well.
All in all, the entire journey was amazing and we definitely want to visit Ireland again. Vivian Stocker, Lea Hansche, Barbara Kuster
Home Berichte Archiv - Artikel ab 2013/14 Living abroad for a week