A brief view on our school

Diversity is our Strength Preparing young people for the challenges of the 21st century is one of the main objectives of the Alpen-Adria-Grammar School Völkermarkt.
Here, the students are central to the school. Through a variety of opportunities, they have the possibility to individualize their educational career.

Alpen Adria Concept

Since 2003, we have had the name “Alpen-Adria-Grammar School“. In a region where armed conflicts and misunderstandings between nations existed for nearly a century, we want to make a valuable contribution to a peaceful international understanding by means of various projects within the country, as well as cross-border contacts with partner schools.

Foreign Languages

The foreign languages taught in our school are English, Italian, Slovenian, French, Latin and Spanish. Additionally, programs abroad are organized and native speakers are involved in the classroom. Creativity and Social Competence
Students are offered the opportunity to showcase their unique skills in courses such as Music, Art Education, and Drama. The Sports Program includes several exercises in optional sports activities. Great emphasis is placed on responsible conduct among class mates. Through the use of peers (mediators) and buddies (advanced students that accompany 1st year students) this attitude is continuously supported. Modern Equipment
Computer science - with the possibility to graduate - and IT training are carried out in our eLSA (E-learning in the classroom) certified school. All classes are equipped with computers and projectors. Access to computers is possible in three computer labs and in the recreation hall. A newly renovated media room, in the area of Art Education, also allows teaching by harnessing the latest technology. The library has a collection of approximately 13,000 sources. Successful Learning in an Environment of Wellbeing
Evaluations show that young people feel comfortable in our school: In a survey of the fourth year classes, over 83% replied they would - if given the possibility to choose anew - attend our school again. Full Time School Options
For two decades, there have been afternoon programs offered in a mixed form (early afternoon planned hours, and in the late afternoon, learning and leisure hours). On average approximately 100 to 120 students are accepted into the program per school year. In the 2013/14 school year, a 1st class started with a mixed form, where teaching, learning and leisure hours are adapted to the daily cycle of the students. School Association
Our school association, “Friends of the Alpen-Adria-Grammar School Völkermarkt” offers students, teachers and parents various courses and projects outside of class time. Particularly popular are the basic knowledge courses, where students are additionally supported with their school work. Open House
Each year during the second half of January, students in the 4th class of elementary schools and the new secondary schools can visit us one afternoon and discover what our school has to offer by taking part in a riddle rallye. Contact
As an "open school", we happily invite you to visit us and learn more about us through friendly, face to face conversation.